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David Veslocki



Founder, Executive

 #1Billboard Chart Producer/Composer/Guitarist David Veslocki is signed to the Royalty Networks and has landed 100's of sync placements in major advertisements, films and shows.  David is the winner of numerous competitions in a wide array of idioms including songwriting (International Songwriting Competition, Unsigned Only) and many others. David founded the award winning Connecticut Suzuki Guitar Academy (Winner 2nd prize in the GFA), and his record "Bach Volume 1" launched the Frameworks in 2018. 

Michael Cheung




Manager, Consultant

Michael Cheung of Chino Worldwide parlayed the worldwide distribution deal that Frameworks is founded upon, and consults the label on all contracts and major decisions. A wellspring of music industry wisdom, he has many years in management with the hit group Ahmir, who he landed major performances, placements,

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