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Trevor Babb - From A Dream

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The repertoire featured on From a Dream reflects a dream of mine going back to the early days of my studies as a classical guitarist: to contribute to the expansion of repertoire through collaboration with composers. In addition to one original composition of mine, all of this music is the fruit of performer/composer relationships of various natures. Each piece on this recording has a unique origin story, whether an undergraduate composition project (Astapov), consortium commission (Trigos), arrangement from an existing piece for two guitars (Murphy), a piece that sat unperformed for fifteen years before I took it up (Bolens), or simply a close friend asking me, "Could I try to write something for you?" (Cretella). In my own piece, I set out to write against the guitar by avoiding the pitch E, the most prevalent and characteristic pitch on the instrument. From a Dream presents six composers hailing from five different countries across three continents each with their own unique musical voice and celebrates the the results of working in close collaboration and personal connection to living composers.

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