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An Tran - Stay My Beloved (DIGITAL DOWNLOAD)

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Encompassing the rich and spiritual music of Vietnam, this captivating album is brilliantly performed by “Vietnamese guitar virtuoso”, An Tran. Stay, My Beloved, engages and elevates the auditory experience through its arrangements of traditional folk songs to its modern compositions. An Tran‘s virtuosic technical ability can be heard throughout the recording alongside his beautiful and melodic phrasing. One can imagine the landscapes of Vietnam through the musical paintings in this album, as in Central Highlands of Vietnam. Listeners can also hear An’s personal stories from the composition his parents used to sing to him (Stay, My Beloved and Drifting Duckweeds, Floating Clouds). This album also features the world premiere recording of Ru Con, a lullaby written by The-An Nguyen and dedicated to An Tran for his Toronto Debut at the Guitar Society of Toronto in 2019.

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