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Adam Levin - 21st Century Guitar Volume 4 (PHYSICAL ORDER)

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UPC: 793888175143
Brand: Frameworks Records
Adam Levin’s 21st Century Spanish Guitar four-album series culminates with this remarkable recording, taking inspiration from the Sephardic tradition (Sonata Sefardí), American bluegrass (Portraits from the Heartland), and nature (Arboretum and Concierto de Aranjuez). Levin embarked on this 13-year-long commissioning project
of more than 30 works in order to bring Spanish music to the current times and, in doing so, bridges the gap between ‘old’ and ‘new’ world Spain. The solo guitarworks are contemporary in style and language, but, nevertheless, span three different generations: the master, Leonardo Balada (b. 1933); his disciple Jorge Muñiz (b. 1974); and in between, José Luis Turina
(b. 1952) and Salvador Brotons (b. 1959). Additionally, Levin performs the electrifying concerto – Concierto
de la Herradura – by Cuban composer Eduardo Morales-Caso (b. 1969). All works receive their world premiere recording with this disc.
Track List:
Eduardo Morales-Caso: Concierto de la Herradura (2014)
Leonardo Balada*: Caprichos No. 14, Abstractions of “Concierto de Aranjuez” (2017)
Jorge Muñiz*†: Portraits from the Heartland (2015) José Luis Turina*†: Arboretum (2010)

Salvador Brotons*: Sonata Sefardí, Op.143 (2017)

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